About Us

We have been providing the finest leather products to the world Since 2007.  Our quality and attention to detail has been a major factor in our longevity.  Our attention to customer service has rewarded us with the customer retention that keeps us growing for 10 straight years.


Because we were tired of seeing so many merchants on the internet today selling low quality leather that won’t last or even worse, selling fake leather, trying to pass it off as “real”. 

We wanted to play our part in making the experience of buying and owning high quality leather products as easy and pleasurable as possible. 

We work with local, gifted artisans and developed a relentless discipline to create the best products on the market. 

We master the smallest details and test every zipper, rivet, fastening, and stitching before we ship. 

Our in-house production leads to the best quality control and the euphoria our customers experience when they see our products is unmatched!

Your reviews are printed and framed on the walls so that we are reminded of you, the customer, every day. Thank you for being a part of the AvaCrafts® journey.